Why Axe Throwing? How does it work?

While axe throwing is growing in popularity all around the US, a lot of people may have never thrown an axe and it may seem like a crazy concept for a hobby!

But it’s easier than it looks, and throwing an axe even has its benefits. For one, axe throwing is a great way to blow off steam and relieve stress and tension. It’s an excellent cardio exercise, and an even better confidence booster once you master the simple axe throwing basics. As crazy as it looks, axe throwing has a quick learning curve, so you’ll be reaping all those rewards in no time.

During your session, our team will make sure that you’re using the right technique and always on the path to hitting the target over and over again.

Learn The Basic Two-Handed Axe Throwing Technique

Step one!

When you pick up an axe, hold it firmly with both hands, like you would a baseball bat. An important part of holding an axe is making sure that the blade is perfectly straight and in line with the target.

You can hold your axe in one of two ways. With one hand, grip the axe at the bottom of the handle. Fold your other hand over the one holding the axe and grip it. Or, instead of folding the one hand over the other, you may want to place the second hand above the first on the axe handle. This grip works better for some, but with a bit of practice, you can find out what feels best for you!

Step Two!

With the blade of the axe in line with the target, lift with your elbows and raise the axe directly above your head, keeping your elbows locked and rotating your shoulders. Imagine a soccer player about to throw a soccer ball back in.

Practice the movement above your head, making sure you stop the movement where you started. If you stop further down or higher than where you start, it can ruin your aim.

Step Three!

In one smooth motion, step forward while lifting the axe above your head, and throw it at the target! The movement has to be fluid and you should follow through, keeping your arms and body moving in the same direction after releasing the axe, while at the same time keeping your eyes on the target that you’re aiming for.

When first starting out, it may be easier to start practicing by not stepping forward or moving your feet at all when throwing the axe. Try standing still with one foot behind the line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum age to throw at AC Axe and Pub?
Yes, you have to be 21 years of age to participate, and you must bring a valid ID.
What's required for me to throw axes?
Closed toed shoes, a valid ID, and a completed waiver are required to throw.
Is there a dress code?
We do suggest you wear comfortable clothing, but the only thing that we require to throw axes is closed toe shoes.
What does it cost?
We offer solo ten minute sessions for $15. We also offer one hour sessions for groups of 4 to 8 throwers for $30. For parties of 8 or more, contact us for pricing and availability.
Is alcohol allowed?
No outside alcohol.

We do serve alcohol, but alcohol stays in the pub and lounge area. We do not allow alcohol in the lane area.

If you appear to be visibly intoxicated, you will no longer be permitted to throw.

No underage drinking. Violators are subject to ejection without refund.

Can I bring my own axe?
No, we do not permit outside axes. We supply the axes.
Will there be any kind of training?
Our experts will show you the basics of axe throwing during your session.
Can I take videos/photos?
Of course! Feel free to share your favorite moments with us on Instagram @acaxeandpubatsteelpier or on Facebook @acaxeandpub!
Can my friends watch?
Your friends and family can absolutely come and cheer you on. However, if we see any misbehavior or disregard for safety measures, they will be subject to ejection.

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Enjoy the thrill of axe throwing right here in New Jersey!

Visit Us!

1000 Boardwalk at Steel Pier Pub
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
(609) 541-2376


Friday - Sunday 1PM-8PM

Visit Us!

1000 Boardwalk at Steel Pier Pub
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
(609) 541-2376


Friday - Sunday 1PM-8PM

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